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One of the most frustrating things about hair is dealing with tangles. They can take forever to detangle, cause breakage and pretty much ruin your day! So what's a girl to do? 

Well, in order to fight tangles, you have to know why you get them in the first place. Your hair is prone to tangles if:

  • it's curly and thick
  • it's long and fine
  • it's damaged
  • it's dry
  • you sleep with your hair down

So now that you know why your hair is getting tangled, what can you do to minimize it?

  • Deep condition once a week.
    Deep conditioning will help nourish your dry and damaged hair, making it less prone to tangles.
  • Use conditioner each wash day.
    Not only should you condition after each wash, you should also make sure you use a detangling conditioner. If the wash-out conditioner you love does not detangle, add a detangling leave-in to your routine.
  • Decrease heat.
    We all love our heat tools, but they can lead to dry, dull, damaged hair. Try using heat tools less often, or decreasing the intensity of the heat.
  • Protect your hair while sleeping.
    You spend eight hours sleeping (hopefully!). Make sure you take care of your hair while doing it!

What do you do to tame your tangles? Let us know win the comments! 

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