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What are the benefits of buriti oil for hair?

What are the benefits of buriti oil for hair?

Buriti oil (mauritia flexuosa) comes from the fruit of the buriti tree, a palm tree native to Brazil. Known as “The Tree of Life” to native Brazilians, the buriti tree contains many of the nutrients needed to sustain life. Brazilians commonly use the oil to protect and treat their skin, as well as nourish their hair.

Because of its high concentration of essential fatty acids, this quick-absorbing oil is good for thick and low porosity hair, as well as medium porosity hair. It nurtures hair that is damaged and difficult to tame.
Buriti oil is great because it:
  • Adds shine
  • Hydrates, conditions and detangles
  • Defines curls
  • Reduces frizz
  • Protects against heat styling
  • Protects against UV rays which can fade color
  • Helps reduce split ends
  • Soothes the scalp by fighting dandruff and excess sebum (oil) production
Because it is rich in vitamin E, buriti oil also rejuvenates hair, making it stronger and preventing hair loss. It’s also rich in vitamin A which promotes hair growth.
Buriti Oil in Tameology Haircare
You can find buriti oil in our Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner, our Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner, and our Defend Heat Protectant. Our specially formulated shampoos, conditioners and heat protectant work together to deliver luxury scalp and hair care for less-than-luxury prices.

If you’re in need of the hydrating, scalp-soothing, frizz-fighting, curl-defining, heat-protecting power of buriti oil, try Tameology’s line of buriti oil products today!

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